Officially announcing the newly formed and organized MINI Cooper car club!

Does your MINI have a name? Do you look back at it when you walk away after parking or before going to bed, to be sure it’s tucked in for the night? Do you find yourself smiling whenever you are behind the wheel and feel the urge to wave at other MINI drivers?

Think that hanging with like-minded folks, talking all things MINI, and cruising the twists and turns of the Great Pacific Northwest sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon or weekend? That’s called “MINI in your blood”, and you may have found your tribe.

We are the people that are dying to hear all about your car (unlike those non-MINI people who don’t understand why you keep talking about your car)! Where did you get your MINI? How long have you been family? What is your MINI’s personality? What is your MINI’s name? Any modifications on your MINI? Talk to us. We want to know!

We already have several events planned for the club. These events vary from local social events and drives to multi-day drives/events. Check out our upcoming events on the events calendar here.

Curious about our drives? Watch the latest video created by club member, Mike Chester, and subscribe to our PNW MINIacs YouTube channel. Click here.

WE, the PNW MINIacs, will be promoting ambassadorship with nearby clubs, groups, dealerships and vendors, to continue cultivating the MINI way of life!

Thank you for considering a membership with PNW MINIacs. This club was born from a love of MINIs and a desire to bring MINI drivers together for organized driving and socializing.